Pages of Direction


Three pages in total:

1) Showed a picture of a bowl with 4 divisions and a empty hole in the middle. The bowl had 4 pictures in each division, one was a water droplet,the second a swirl of wind, the third was fire, and the last was a leaf. The text said put the four together to start your journey.

2) Was a picture of several weapons and armor, the weapon looked like a quarterstaff surrounded by a shimmering mist, and had an spear point, and the bottom was a sword handle. The armor also was surrounded by a shimmering mist which had far right side leather vest, middle chain mail, and far left was full plate armor. Find the keys for there are 7 and the weapons and armor of gods will be yours.

3) Was a letter,
To the forces of good who find this page,
There are two books that have been kept hidden for all of this time they are very powerful and should not be put into the wrong hands together. By you finding this letter the first part of the prophesy has already came to pass and I hope that history will not repeat itself. The books are 2 parts of a ritual that when completed will create an army greater than the gods. You need to get both parts into the hands of the right beings. They will find you in time, but until then protect them with your lives.

on the bottom is a picture of the sorcerers insignia of the four elements as well as another symbol of a dragon with two heads. One head is facing left and black with white eyes, the other is white with black eyes and facing right. The body is gold and silver mixed.


Pages of Direction

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