The Divine Quest

Session 4-6

After the party won their gold they decided to take a look into Frinan’s home. As they walked around the ledge they saw an azer with a length of chain on his arm leading what looked like into the stone wall behind him. They approached him and noticed that he was positioned in front of a door. The azer noticed the party and promptly pulled on the chain. They went down the hallway and entered into the guards room. They were challenged by six azers and battle was held. During the battle Marci noticed 2 elves and a panther locked up in individual cells. While the rest of the party kept the Azers busy Marci picked the locks and freed them both. The two elves were Ashley the Summoner and Rachel the Druid. They then went into the next room which was a torture chamber and fought 2 more Azers and an Efreeti. They survived and went into the next room which was a ramp up and two stacks of barrels. It ended up being a trap and almost killed the party but they survived yet again. They entered the next room which had 4 square holes int the room and three doorways. They were then noticed by the rooms guardians which ended up being Magma Elementals of the medium size. There were four of them and when the party killed two the last two combined into a large elemental. The first doorway was to a bedroom where after some of the party memebers decided to bounce on the bed, some of the others examined the closet and the chest. They found a number of gold and headed to the doorway straight across. They entered and found a Stone Golem, upon realizing that the creature didn’t see them they left and continued on. They walked into the next room and found a waiting room and could see the throne. They walked forward and saw their old friend from the ruins talking to a man who was large and had black markings on his skin. Upon seeing the party the two men parted and the man in the throne challenged the party to hand over the book. The party declined and a trap was sprung releasing dozens of mephits. They fought and killed them with no problem and then the Man joined in. After a strenuous battle the party won and gathered their treasure. Among the treasure was a deck of many things. The team was left with both good and bad but the worst part was that the druid was now without a soul!


nightangel nightangel

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