The Divine Quest

Session 2

After his night of fun Pat decided that he was going to fly over to where the party was heading. He got to the trapping village and met Devin. They both proceeded to the ruins and arrived in time to see two ogres outside of the church. After defeating them the party got together and descovered that the guy that they had saved was no where to be seen even though he had a broken leg they also found on the ogres a disk with four symbols and a hole in the middle, Pat put his finger in it and it closed into a ring. After a couple of seconds they heard something like stone sliding on stone from the church and decided to look into it. They discovered that the altar was actually covering a passageway. They entered the passageway and were ambushed by a lone Drow. Just before they landed the final killing blow they were stopped by the same man that they had saved. Introducing himself as Sovren and a friend to the drow he proceeded to explain that he had the drow stand as a guard so he could explore. He also said that while the battle with the ogres the drow had healed him and they both slipped in to the ruins. The party showed mercy and was offered riches for helping Sovren search the ruins. They found a table with a bowl, a pit, and two doors (1 smashed and rotten, the other just like new), The room was lit by small elementals in glass jars and was in the shape of a hatchet. The bowl had 4 symbols and an empty hole in the middle. They then went to the new looking door and picked a lock which instead of opening the door it opened a hole. Pat put his fist with the ring on it and opened the door revealing a library. Everyone started looking around and Devin found out that the books were in a certain order of material of book and size, but there was a misplaced book which, upon Ryans investigation, was warded with ruins throughout the book. Sovrin asked to investigate it while the rest of the party investigated some more. Kristen having a strange feeling about Sovrin decided to detect evil. They were more evil than anything that shes ever dealt with before. Sovrin and the drow took an invisibility potion and teleported away. Glen finished his investigation of the desk and found a hidden compartment underneath. There was another book, and three pages, 1 page was a prophesy about the books, another was the description of the bowl and how to access the next room, and the third was about armor and weapons of the gods. The party checked out the other door and had a wonderful conversation with a door knocker and stumbled upon a couple of Gnolls. Devin sneaked into the room saw they were playing a throughing knife game and decided to join. He threw his knife then sneaked away. The gnolls discovered the party then realizing they were outnumbered decided to run. The party went back to the table and bowl and put each element that the symbol represented and entered the room.


nightangel nightangel

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